What is Lalalala?

/ la - LA - la - la /

  1. 1: The childish sound emitted when plugging one’s ears to avoid hearing something bad
  2. 2: The best election-blocking product on the market. Period.

Lalalala Effectively blocks:

  • 24/7 Election Coverage
  • Super PAC Ads
  • Substanceless Debates
  • Empty Political Promises
  • Social Media Trolls
  • Everything On Twitter
  • Your Ignorant Uncle
  • Canada Envy


Lalalala automatically disengages you from all political conversations.

Total silence is the new freedom of speech.

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The Election Just Disappears

Sanity. Sanctuary. Self-Asphyxiation.

Any election. Anytime.

From city council right up through POTUS. You can ignore it all. All the time.


The political machine will try almost anything to reach you. Lalalala stops them all.


A fully integrated system to completely eradicate the 2-party system from your life. No more lies or circular finger-pointing

Be 100% Right, 100% Of The Time

Never have another political argument. Opinions you don't want to hear just go away.

Total Self-Interest

Forget about the vortex of lies that is the media circus of this election season. Take some “you” time.

Deep Blackout Mode

Use the included Clog Knob to disable respiration. Finally — relief.

Groundbreaking technology, personalized design, total disengagement.

Trump? Clinton? Gone.

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Political Ads


Dinner Conversations




Problems actually

Passionate about Abdicating Responsibility.

We Don't Fix Politics. We Ignore It — Beautifully.


Delvin Bellender

Chief Executive Officer

Tellula Corbin

Head of Quality Control

Logan Spekmeier

Chief Inflation Officer

Let someone else decide your future.

Goodbye, Engaged Citizen.
Hello, Blissful Ignorance.

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Who's behind this?

We're Represent.Us, America's largest grassroots Anti-Corruption campaign.

We're passing Anti-Corruption Acts in cities and states across America. Anti-Corruption Acts stop political bribery, end secret money and give every voter a voice.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.


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